Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Finish...Just in Time!

Hello Friends!
I know....two posts in two days.  It's just not like me but I wanted to post this finish before I went to bed.
Here it is..."Flower Urn" by Homespun Elegance.
I finished putting the last stitch in a few minutes ago.  You'll notice that I had to make my own floss cards (or whatever you call them).  I never used these before but I really find them helpful in keeping my floss from getting all knotted up in my bag.  I used the cardboard from the back of a small tablet.  Sometimes you just have to get creative!  Remember the six-inch dollar bill thing???

I am ready to start my week of training and testing tomorrow.  The outage (six, 12-hour days) starts on Friday.  As you can probably understand I most likely will not be blogging or visiting your blogs much.  I will try to catch up as best I can on my day off but I'll warn you now that if my comment doesn't quite make sense it's because I'm EXHAUSTED!!  I'll just apologize now.  :^)

Time to get to bed.  Morning comes early.
Thank you for visiting with me tonight and thanks for celebrating a finish with me!  I won't be doing any more stitching until this job is over so I finished Flower Urn just in time!

~~Peggy Lee


Faye said...

Cute cute cute....!~ I just love HE designs too... Glad you posted your progress....Get some rest b/c sounds like you will need it by the end of the week~~~ Hang in there and do good! Take care, Faye

BeckySC said...

BEEutiful Miss Peggy :) Thanks for sharing with us :)
Best wishes this week :)

Jennifer said...

I love this one! I've got it all kitted up and ready to go. Now, if I could only stitch all day instead of work all day......

Congrats on your finsh!

Beth said...

Wow! You finished that off quick!! It is beautiful.

Good luck on that rough upcoming schedule. I will look forward to hearing from you when it is over.

valerie said...

Beautiful finish! You stitched it up fast!

Good luck with your training. Be sure to get lots of rest.

Maggee said...

Even if you do not stitch for a week or month, that is a great finish to revel in! Lovely! Stay safe! Hugs!

Carol said...

It's a real beauty, Peggy!

Best of luck with your training and testing :)

Catherine said...

Great finish! Good luck with this week of training and testing!!

Teresa S. said...

Very cute! I have never been a Homespun Elegance admirer, but I will give them another look!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish!