Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week three and counting...

The two little domes on the right belong to Salem Nuclear.  Each dome is a unit.  I worked on unit one this past Spring.  Now Masterchief and I are working inside the little dome on the left.....Hope Creek Nuclear.  This picture must have been taken during an outage because there is no steam billowing from the tower.  When you see steam, the utility is making money. When you don't, I am making money!!  : )

Masterchief is working on the refueling floor which is located in the very top of the dome.  I am working in the dry well which is about 100 feet below him.  Sometimes I will go up there to see how things are going but it's not a place I want (nor am permitted to) go roaming around.  Very high contamination levels up there!!!

The outage is projected to last about another 10 days if all goes according to plan, and sometimes it just doesn't in this business.  My first grandchild is due on November 11th.  Timing is EVERYTHING.

Thanks to all of you who have left encouraging words in your comments.  I have only been able to check out a couple blogs tonight.  I haven't turned the computer on in a couple days.  We were "early in" today so that meant we were allowed to leave at 6pm instead of 7.  We worked our twelve hours though because we started at 5:45am.  Sometimes just one hour makes all the difference.

We both are very tired and are headed to bed.  I like to be sound asleep by 8:30pm.

Please know I think about all of you during my work day.

Sleep tight.......
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello Dear Friends....

Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still here.  Our typical day is us leaving the hotel around 5:15am and getting home around 7:30pm.  We have grabbed something quick to eat for dinner and I've made our lunches for tomorrow.  We are usually in bed by 8:30pm.  Our feet hurt and we are very tired already and we are only one week into the outage.

I was so excited when I saw that I had 100 followers over the weekend but I waited until I had 101 to start the happy dance.  Some of you might remember when I discovered I had become a follower of my own blog.

**good grief**

I must go.....need to be in bed in 15 minutes.  Three more days and then a day off!  YAY!!!

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to each of you for the encouraging comments.  I don't know why I'm so afraid of abandonment.  I think I know you better than that.  I will be back to my old stitching and blogging self when this job is finally over.

Remember......as soon as I get home I will be offering a giveaway to celebrate being home AND having 100 followers!

Hoping the remainder of your week is filled with many stitches........
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Post Without Pictures??? WHAT???

I know.....this is weird for me too.  I am tired and I only have a minute to check in with you.  I am only half way in to my first week of work and already I am stressing because I don't have time to sit down and properly read and comment on the blogs I so love to follow!  I have looked at a few tonight and left a few short comments.  I want you ALL to know that I try to quickly read through your blogs when I can but can't always comment.  This is really gonna hurt!!  I suppose if I think it's bad now I should think about what it will be like starting next week! The outage officially starts this Friday night.  When that happens, everyone goes on six 12-hour days.  AND....when that happens....I will have NO TIME to look at ANY blogs except for maybe a little bit on my one day off.  We don't get back to the hotel until around 8pm.  By the time I get us something quick to eat and pack our lunches for the next day, it's bed time.

I will try to check in on here when I can.
Thank you for sticking with me through this.  When this job is over and we get back home in November I will have a nice giveaway for reaching 100 followers.  I have 94 right now and hope to reach 100 soon.  Oh what the heck....I'll have a giveaway when I get back home no matter HOW MANY followers I have!!  I'll be so happy to be back in Kentucky it should be a great giveaway.

Until next time.......thank you for hanging in there!

~~Peggy Lee

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Finish...Just in Time!

Hello Friends!
I know....two posts in two days.  It's just not like me but I wanted to post this finish before I went to bed.
Here it is..."Flower Urn" by Homespun Elegance.
I finished putting the last stitch in a few minutes ago.  You'll notice that I had to make my own floss cards (or whatever you call them).  I never used these before but I really find them helpful in keeping my floss from getting all knotted up in my bag.  I used the cardboard from the back of a small tablet.  Sometimes you just have to get creative!  Remember the six-inch dollar bill thing???

I am ready to start my week of training and testing tomorrow.  The outage (six, 12-hour days) starts on Friday.  As you can probably understand I most likely will not be blogging or visiting your blogs much.  I will try to catch up as best I can on my day off but I'll warn you now that if my comment doesn't quite make sense it's because I'm EXHAUSTED!!  I'll just apologize now.  :^)

Time to get to bed.  Morning comes early.
Thank you for visiting with me tonight and thanks for celebrating a finish with me!  I won't be doing any more stitching until this job is over so I finished Flower Urn just in time!

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flower Urn Progress...& THANK YOU!!

Happy Saturday to you Friend......

I hope you all have had a great start to your weekend.  After a rainy start to this week the weather has improved and the sun sure feels good!  I could never live in a place where there wasn't so much sunshine.  I believe it has healing powers!  It warms me inside sometimes more than it does on the outside.

I made some progress this past week on Flower Urn.  I studied some then stitched some.  When I felt my brain would explode I grabbed my needle to calm my nerves.  It really helps......
It's really coming along I think.  I start work Monday so I probably won't get too much more stitched on it.  I want to work on it a little bit when I'm done posting here and maybe tomorrow.

Have you ever grabbed the memory card out of your camera only to realize someone has taken pictures with it without you knowing?

 Masterchief came home from work on Thursday to find me stricken with a terrible sinus headache and absolutely exhausted.  It hurt so bad I couldn't sleep.  He gave me some sinus meds and tucked me in to bed.  I must have had a fever because I was freezing too.  It didn't take me long to drift to sleep.  This might sound corny but I just couldn't relax and let myself sleep until I knew he was back here in the hotel with me.  Well it might have something to do with the fact that the creepy guy that is housekeeping just let himself into my room here without so much as a rap on the door and the customary "housekeeping" call.  I thought Masterchief had arrived back early from work but I looked up from where I was sitting and found him standing there staring at me.  He doesn't do english so all he did was giggle at me.  I let him clean the room and then locked it tight after he left.

Since the sun has come out once again....so have the stink bugs..........
The outside of the hotel is coated with them.  They get on the screen of our window and I flick them off from my side.  I had to pull the car over this afternoon on the way back from Walmart to let two of them out.  I don't do bugs in the car while I'm driving.  Have you ever had a spider drop down in front of your face while driving?  I have.  That's creepy!

Masterchief and I went to a park close to the hotel last night.  It's right smack up against the Delaware River.  There were geese everywhere.  Here's a picture of some of them in the river with the bridge in the background.......
There is a walking path all around this park.  It takes me about an hour to walk/jog around it four times.  It's a pretty big oval.  In the center of this park is a pond where the geese like to gather............
I really like this park for walking when the weather is nice.  It can be a bit breezy here though being right next to the water and my ears can't take the cold air.  I always had ear aches when I was a kid and now I can't stand cold air on them.  Gives me an instant PAIN!  I should invest in a good pair of ear muffs.

My daughter in law is now eight months along in her first pregnancy.  Does anyone have any advice to make a mother in law not worry so much?  This is the only time I have found myself wishing I didn't live so far away from them.  I throw myself into a guilt trip because it was ME who moved away, not them. They are so young.

Well I'm getting sleepy and I want to cross a few X's before I hit the sack.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to visit with me today.  I would love to have tea with each and every one of you.  Wouldn't that be nice?

 Lastly.... a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who wished me good health.  I am feeling better with the help of some cold medicines and a boost of vitamins.  I felt your sincere wishes with each comment I read.  Thank you so very much!

Have a blessed Sunday and take a deep breath 'cause heeeere comes MONDAY!!

~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phase Two...and a Start!

Did you know that a dollar bill is six inches long?  I had to get creative last night while trying to measure a piece of 28 count fabric for a new chart I picked up yesterday.  I turned my stitchy bag inside-out looking for a measuring tape or a small ruler...NOPE, not there!!  I was about to walk down to the front desk to ask for a ruler when I got the bright idea to look up via the internet  the measurement of a dollar bill.  So after dragging the dirty dollar across my linen several times I measured what I needed to start this.....
You can't see the title very well here but it's called "Flower Urn" by Homespun Elegance.  I started it last night.  I probably won't get much of it stitched because I need to study to be ready for work on Monday.

While at The Strawberry Sampler I dropped off both "Thank You For Serving(s)" for framing and picked up the two finishes I had left with them for framing in August.  Here is Coffin Buzz: a FREEBIE offered by Paulette Stewart from Plum Street Samplers......
I love this frame and think it was the perfect choice to match the distressed look of the piece.
Next is Colonial Dry Goods by LHS.....
It may not show up too well in this pic but the frame has a slight blue/gray hue to it that goes so well with the choice of linen.  I'm not home to tell you about my choice of linen and fibers for this but I can tell you for certain it was whatever was recommended on the chart with exception of the words "purveyors of fine linens and threads".  I re-stitched them in a darker fiber because they didn't show up as well for my liking.

Now about the "Phase Two" part of this blog post title...............Remember last week when I had that 24-hour bug that took me 36 hours to recover from?  I have moved on to a new week with a new virus!  It seems my immune system checks itself at the New Jersey border saying, "No way, not goin' there, I'll be right here on your way back home."  Monday morning greeted me with a very sore throat.  Tuesday, my nose felt left out and wanted in on the fun.  Today, my entire head (ears, nose, throat, eyes) is havin' a par-tayyyy!!!  I think my chest has made reservations for tomorrow.  Wouldn't want it to feel left out, ya know!  While running around yesterday I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up some Emergen-C.
I'll let you know how/if it works.
When I was sick last week Masterchief came right home from work and headed for our little two burner hotel stove and made some ho-made chicken soup for me.  He is just TOO GOOD to me.  It worked such miracles that I made more of it yesterday.  Somehow it doesn't taste as good as his though.

Before I sign off here I want to tell you about this wonderful soap I found while in Malvern, PA in August/September.  There was a farmers market just up the road on Thursdays in a parking lot.  It was just a little thing but I found one stand that sold soaps and that's all.  (They also make soaps just for your pets).  They get alot of rave reviews for this stuff because it's supposed to help with various skin problems.  Well I don't want to this to turn in to a commercial or anything so I'll just tell you I absolutely love the stuff.  I buy the Vanilla Sandalwood scent because I'm all about anything "VANILLA".

  It's a small family owned sort of thing and if you want any more information about them I can give it to you.

Well I think it's time for another dose of Emergen-C so I better get to it.  I decided I was getting too much exercise earlier today and brought the box of tissues over to where I was sitting.  I have since added another box to my shopping list.  Those hotel tissues HURT after a while!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit with me.  It gets lonely in the hotel room all day by myself but that will soon change.  Monday will come too soon but hopefully I will be over this rotten New Jersey cold by then!

Your comments brighten my day!!
~~Peggy Lee

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is It October Already???

These last couple months have gone by so quickly for me...however the last WEEK has slowed to a snails pace!  It's because I came here to WORK and I have to wait two weeks before I even go in for the first week which is just training and testing.  Everyone has to go through that first dreaded week.  I guess they want to be sure everything is still fresh in our minds. 

So to pass the time I've been studying and stitching....stitching and studying...you get the idea.  When I feel that my brain is about to explode (trust me this doesn't take long) from reviewing all this......
...I pick up my stitching.  I brought Thank You For Serving with me and finished it Tuesday, I think.  The beginning of the week is still a blur to me.  I was so sick on Monday.  Haven't been that sick in YEARS!  I think I mentioned on my last post that I didn't sleep "worth a hoot" on Sunday night.  Well...now I know why!  I agree with Parsley....HATE those public restrooms.  I'm sure I picked up that bug from out there somewhere.  Not much of a choice when you're on the road though. 

Here's a picture of both of the finished pieces together.....
I will be making the trip to The Strawberry Sampler next Tuesday to drop them off for framing.  I will also pick up the two pieces I left there while in this area in August.  I can't wait to see them.  I'll be sure to share them with you too!

The only other WIP I brought with me is this sampler.....

The border on this is killing me.  I made the mistake of doing this one with TWO strands of DMC.  I think this is 40 count linen so that was the wrong choice on my part.  It's alright until I have an area that is filled in with stitches, like each petal of the flower-like border.  The stitches are tight in there.  Live and learn.  I am kicking myself for not bringing along another WIP or project to start.  I guess I didn't think too much about the two weeks I would be sitting in this hotel room before I start work.  Masterchief's report date was two weeks before mine because he's a "Senior".  Today he has a class that will last all day.  My Friday of training week will be the same.  At the end of the day you walk out of there with drool hanging from your chin while babbling nonsense. 

I'd like to tell ya that this view from my hotel window makes me not miss home so much.....but I can't! 

I miss Kentucky so very much...and our friends.  When we get to home in November, I will once again be reminded of how thankful I should be that I have a lovely home with perfectly working appliances that don't take quarters and two clean toilets that very rarely see behinds other than mine and Masterchief's. 

OH!  I almost forgot, Parsley you will appreciate this one.....   I opened my hotel room door yesterday only to have two hairy little moppets run right in my room.  Scared me half to death!  They were the cutest little things.  I swear I am an animal magnet!  I think they are trying to turn me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my lowly blog today.  I appreciate the time you take to read and leave comments.  I wish all of you a lovely weekend!

~~Peggy Lee