Monday, September 27, 2010

Arrival in New Jersey & A Giveaway!

Happy Monday morning to ya!
We left my brother's house in north central PA yesterday and arrived here in New Jersey a little over three hours later.  We are all checked in to the hotel and grabbed a few groceries to get us through the first part of this week.  Masterchief has left for his first day of work already.  I don't start for two weeks yet.  I didn't sleep worth a hoot last night, up constantly glancing at the clock for some reason.  Think I might take myself a little nap today.
Here's a couple pictures from when we were at my brother's place.
Their wiener dog, Tucker found my camera case on the couch........
Maggie Mae found a comfortable spot on the other end of the couch.........
Now what kind of caption do you put on a picture of a mutt like that?  I am at a loss.  These dogs just love their Uncle Masterchief but they don't love up to me as much.  I think they sense these things.

Here's my brother and Masterchief sitting at the table looking at videos of motors and big guns.  You know...manly stuff.

We are more or less settled in here at the hotel now.  I still need to figure out how to fit all our clothes into three tiny drawers.  I think some of them are going to stay in the suitcase for a while.  After our first week of training and testing is over we will only need our work duds anyway.  As long as I have my stitching bag all is well with the world!
Hopefully I will be able to finish the second TYFS today then off to the framers!

Before I go I want to tell you about a GREAT giveaway over at Deborah's blog, CRANBERRY SAMPLINGS.  Deborah has reached 100 followers after only six months of blogging!  You can have a chance to win some wonderful stitchy goodies too!  She is having the drawing on October first and you must be a current or new follower.

Good luck to all!

Thanks for stopping by....
~~Peggy Lee


Catherine said...

Glad you are all settled in! It must be hard to be away from your home so long - but I guess that is made all the better that you can be together with your Masterchief!!

What cute pups!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Best of luck while you are in NJ Very interesting jobs and Please stay safe. I hope you will find a few minutes to stitch and maybe a second or two to fill us in on your blog.
As always
Be always in stitches.

Teri said...

Hi Hi Peg,
Well, think of it this way .... you are together and it is only 6 short weeks ... and maybe you can get some stitchin' in between naps ....
Make the best of it. hope you get to post a little.
Take care.

Beth said...

Good you made it there safe and sound. So nice of Masterchief to drive the whole way. He must love you very much. Take care while you are there!

Siobhan said...

I'm glad you're all settled in! Enjoy your time in NJ. :)

Parsley said...

You know how to make me smile! Love the dog pics!