Monday, August 9, 2010

A Sweet Surprise!

Imagine my surprise when I reached in my mail box today to find THIS.....

Well I took it out of it's outer envelope of course but I was so SWEETLY surprised!  
What a SWEET thing to do!
Do you get it yet???
It's from Stitchin' Sweet Sue!  I remember when I first started marking blogs on my reader...way before I started one of my own.  I got one of my most treasured recipes from her last summer.  (Love those pickles)

It's one of the pin keeps she made!  I can't tell you how happy I was to receive this! I'm overdosing on the exclamation points but I think this rightly deserves them!!!

Just look at this little patch on the back with her name on it.  
I can't thank you enough Sweet Sue for sending me this lovely surprise.  I am absolutely speechless!
I am honored to count you among my treasured stitchy friends!  

I am going shopping Wednesday to Kohl's in Nicholasville, KY.  It's about 90 minutes away.  Any good shopping is a long haul from here.  I received one of their "PEEL HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU SAVE" coupons in the mail.  Usually it's the lowest amount offered but this time it was 30% off EVERYTHING...even clearance items.  I'm already making a list!  

I went in to town on my birthday (Saturday).  Didn't really do anything special but I did stop at the antique mall in town.  I can spend hours in there just walking around to look at everything.  I've found a few scissor frogs there. There are two floors packed with goodies and treasures.  I have been looking for a cake plate.  This one isn't really what I had pictured but I really like the simplicity of it and the lip around the edge.  As soon as I saw it I thought fruit would look great in it ('cause I really don't make alot of cakes)  : )

I picked up a couple tomatoes at a produce stand on the way back home.  We planted 6 tomato plants in our garden this year but didn't get even ONE tomato from them!  I think the deer and rabbits got their bellies full though.  Isn't that nice of us to feed the wildlife like that?!?  Yeah...real nice of us!  

We have decided NO GARDEN next year.  Things just haven't done well the last two years and it's too much work.  Masterchief likes to plant a garden but neither one of us likes to weed.  We have a few produce stands in the area that we would be happy to support...NO WEEDING REQUIRED!  

Still tossing around the idea of flying to PA while Masterchief is working there.  Part of me doesn't want to give in.  I want to be that tough, independent woman who can get along without a man for six weeks or so, but the other side of me misses him so much and is comforted by knowing he is just in the other room or out in his man-cave.      He wants to be that tough guy who can get along without his woman, but truth be known he kinda likes those little love notes I slip in his lunch box and the way I fold his skivvies after all!  We are hopelessly in love I suppose. We waited too long to find each other to be apart for any amount of time.  We will be married five years in December.   I will be sure to let you know if I decide I can't stand it anymore and sprout wings to Philly.  Wherever I end up...I will blog from there, of that you can be sure!

I need to go get my clothes off the line before the little birdies do their dirty deeds on my towels.  I have one out there now that was bombed before and needed rewashed.   It's hard for me to be mad at them though.  It's those beautiful little blue birds that are doing the "nasty".  

Take care of yourselves and thank you SO MUCH for spending a minute with me today.  Reading your comments is a treasured part of my day.

~~Peggy Lee


Jan said...

What a sweet gift to receive in the mail! Know you will treasure it. I love your special finds and I especially love what you stitched for your MasterChief!!

Missy aka Birdy said...

Fabulous gift from Sweet Sue. Last year I had asked my DD to bring the bed linens in off the line...she did..she folded..she put away....two days later I went to change all the bed linens and as I was putting on the clean ones I noticed the little gifts the birds left all over them!!!LOL I asked DD if she had not seen the BLUE markings and yes she did but thought they were part of the design on the sheets! LOL She takes after her FATHER!! :)

Deborah said...

Wonderful gift from Sue. I thought I was the only person left that hung cloth out on the line. Good to know that I am not alone. If I were you, I would visit PA!

Karen said...

Such a cute gift! Enjoy!

Carol said...

Sue is such a sweetheart! Enjoy your cute little pin pillow :)

Have a great shopping trip to Kohl's--I sure do love those 30% off coupons!!

Teri said...

Hi Peggy Lee,
Thanks for the Antique Mall info ... we go to Somerset quit a bit I will have to stop in one Saturday ... when we are not doing anything
(like that happens ever) ... If you live there you are pretty close to me.
Cute little pin keep. Have a great week.

Berit said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with a life lived together. As long as you *could* be apart, if you don't have to, then don't!

I like your idea of supporting local produce stands, too!

Have fun in PA; I'm not originally from NJ (where I live now), so I forget that Philly's only 90 minutes away! Tell me if you find any good stitchy/prim shops so I can make a day trip, lol!

(Can you tell I've already booked your flight in my head, lol?)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have a cake plate just like that one that was my husband's grandmothers - I just love it! blessings, marlene

Suzanne said...

What a cute pin pillow you received! I have a cake stand just like that, it's great for gooey cakes or syrupy cakes. Stops the mess from flowing over the sides.