Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Masterchief's Contribution.....

Good morning friends!  It's going to be a HOT one today.  There is a heat advisory for almost all of Kentucky....or at least the southern part for the next few days.
Our neighbor has been kind enough to mow our yard while Masterchief is away working.  He won't take a penny for it but I try to make him a pie every now and then to show my appreciation.  I would mow it but it's quite a bit and it's so blasted HOT out lately!  I think today I will try to get the weed eater to feed.  The poor thing starves to death when Masterchief isn't around.

Here's a pic of the BBQ sauce Masterchief says I must include with the scissor frog as my first giveaway...
He found it while working in New Jersey and bought up a bunch of bottles to bring home.  He puts it on everything.  It's a bit spicy for my taste but then I don't care for things that are very spicy at all.

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Yesterday I cleaned both bathrooms...and when I say cleaned, I mean SPRING CLEANED!!  I also cleaned the bedroom the same way then made my way out into the hall (which I just painted last week) and hung pictures on "memory lane".  These are all old pictures of both sides of our family.
Masterchief's father was also in the U.S. Navy and had made it to E-8, that's a Chief. He passed on before we met so I never knew him.  I wish I could have met him.  Masterchief is E-9.  That's the highest enlisted rank a fella can go.  Oh gosh I'm so proud of him.

Here are a couple pictures of Masterchief and I when we were kids, he in his little jeep and me on the backyard swing.  So many memories here.
The big one in the middle is of a bouquet of white roses Maserchief got for me for our first wedding anniversary.  They were absolutely beautiful and I remember crying when I read the card.

Well I need to get outside and attack the weeds before it gets too awfully hot.  The sun must be shining directly on the outside thermometer because it's only 8:45am and it already says 94 degrees!  That can't be right..can it????  WHEW!!!

Until next time....keep cool!
~~Peggy Lee


Parsley said...

Love the title of that sauce but I'm like you....I don't care for spicy things.

Catherine said...

Oohhh..that sauce looks finger lickin' good!

Love your photo displays!!

Jennifer said...

looks so good. The older I get, I like spicey foods more.

Denise said...

Just so you won't feel alone, your neighbors down in Georgia are just a few degrees hotter than you!! When I go outside, the heat just hits me with a blast in the face! We need a break!
I do have air-conditioning, however, if you would like to come down and help me clean a little...

Sherry said...

The sauce sounds like something my guys would love! They eat hot sauce on everything! How nice of your neighbor to do your lawn. I love old pictures so I know that must be a very special wall.