Thursday, August 26, 2010

It never bothered me to drive long distances before but Masterchief has spoiled me by always acting as my chauffeur when we travel.  I'm not sure if he does it out of the kindness of his heart or if he's scared of my driving. I'm not asking.  I've developed back problems in the last few years and it makes for an uncomfortable drive.  I have to stop and stretch more often.
I left early Tuesday morning to go up toward where I'm originally from in north central PA to visit with my son and his wife.  I also visited with an old friend I haven't seen in YEARS!  She played piano or organ for me when I would sing in church.  Her husband was a retired minister at the time we went to church together.  He has since passed away after having a stroke.  They never had children.  I once heard him say, "If the good Lord wanted us to have children we would have them".  We spent four hours together and I sang a few songs for her.  It brought back alot of good memories.
Here we are in her apartment.  I set the camera up on her TV and set the timer.  She is an excellent accompanist.  I could slow down, speed up, hold a note or put the putty to it belt it out and she would follow whatever I did.  I haven't found anyone to play for me like she could.

After visiting with Lois I drove to the next town (about 5 minutes away) to my son's home.  His wife got home from work shortly after I arrived and we went out for Chinese food then went to the mall so I could buy them a few things for the coming baby.  Here is my daughter-in-law with her baby bump sticking out!  We were trying to see baby Liam move.....
She is almost 29 weeks along now.  I can't wait to see my little grandson!  I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!  I am SO excited!!!
Here's my me a look.....
He's such a good boy.  Even though he shoved my shoulder into the car door and I couldn't even use it to work the turn signal in the car on the way to the Chinese place!  He was clowning around with me and he forgets that I'm older and don't pack as much meat around my bones as I once did.....and he's such a big lug nut it only takes a little shove to send me flyin'.  I'm just picking on him about it though.....he felt so bad about it he almost cried.  Poor kid.  He's been working out with weights lately and his biceps are HUGE!  He gets that from my side of the family.  Now don't ask me to flex for's embarrassing.

I wouldn't want to embarrass my new stitchy friends.  : )

I stayed the night at my kid's place and left the next morning to visit with my grandmother.  She's in a nursing home and I'm sure she doesn't know who I am anymore.  I always enjoy visiting with her though because she is most always very happy, laughing and singing.  She very rarely makes any sense when she talks but yesterday I asked her what she was laughing about and she replied, "nothing".   She looked at the bright pink top I had on and said, "Easter".
I tried to hold the camera up here to take a picture of us both.  This one turned out better than the others.  She was looking at the camera good here.  She was more alert and talkative yesterday than other times I've visited her.  Maybe it's because I was there in the morning.  I'm sure the meds have alot to do with it.

Before driving back to Malvern I stopped at a cross stitch shop I found years ago when I lived in PA.

Lisa, the shop owner is so very nice and has always been patient with me when I come in there so undecided on what exactly it is that I want need.  Here she is behind her counter in her shop.  She doesn't like to have her picture taken so this one passed her approval.  I promised her that no one would zoom in on her so she had no reason to worry.  I don't know what she's so worried about anyway....she's gorgeous and oh so talented!  When I walked in she was framing a piece and I think I distracted her and she pushed down on the wrong side of a razor blade she was using to cut the backing and sliced right through her finger!  I felt so bad.

Here's a picture of what I call the sister to "Rhapsody In Blue" by Fouroaks Designs.  It's called Love Song.
I have this one all kitted up just waiting for me to start stitching it.  I need to get working on what I've planned to stitch for my grandson's arrival.  I'll never get it done before he is born because I'm just not that fast of a stitcher and the chart is at home in Kentucky.  I want to use the ABC Tapestry chart to spell out his name, LIAM and maybe put his birth date and weight along the bottom.

I stopped at the gym before coming back to the hotel yesterday.  I had time to make rice and swordfish, bleach out the garbage cans (you don't want to know), shaved my legs and cleaned up the room a little although Masterchief ALWAYS makes his bed in the morning...the room really looked pretty good.  And yes, I HAD to shave my legs....another thing you just don't want to know about.

Here's one last pic of me with Josh & Laymie's dogs.  If you knew me you would know this is a big stretch for me as I am really not a dog person.  It's not that I dislike them....I just don't like the hair, drool...etc.....

I will have to admit though these dogs are really sweet.  They are very well behaved and they DON'T DROOL!!  I thought all dogs drooled.  I was raised with a St. Bernard so "drool" and "ewwww yuck" were a couple of my first words.

My veggies are just about done and I'm starving!
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope your upcoming weekend is a good one.  I will be meeting with someone I met since blogging.  I'll keep it a surprise until early next week as we are meeting on Sunday afternoon!  I am so excited!

~~Peggy Lee


Berit said...

Looks like some really good times! :) That stitching shop looks so cozy; I'd love to visit sometime.

Parsley said...

What a nice post. Can't believe you are going to be a Grandma. You don't look like you could! So you're not a dog person...I won't hold it against you. ;-)

Catherine said...

You've certainly been busy since you've been here in PA! How much longer will you be in town? The boys are back in school next week, so email me if you'll be heading back to the Strawberry Sampler anytime soon!

Mary said...

You've been busy and looks like you are having fun! That's exciting about becoming a grandma! Can't wait to see pics of the birth sampler.

Siobhan said...

What a fun post! I love the name Liam. My nephew is Liam, and 2 of my BILs are named Liam! Looks like you're having a great time in Pennsylvania. I loved your pics of your visit to The Strawberry Sampler!

Suzanne said...

Good to hear that you are having a fine time and visiting with family and friends. The stitching store looks like a great place.