Monday, August 16, 2010

Anticipation.......'s making me wait!

Remember that old ketchup commercial?  That jingle is ringing in my head and will be until Masterchief's paycheck hits the bank back home in Kentucky!  He sends them home.  Yes that's right.....SNAIL MAIL!!  UGHHHHHH.

The AGONY...........Oh....the PAIN!!!!!

As soon as we see that balance go up in the old account online, I'm racing like a mad woman to The Strawberry Sampler.  OH....and I saw another shop while driving around today.  It's called Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, PA.  It's just down the road.

This is killing me but I'll pass the time by stitching on Thank You For Serving in memory of Masterchief's father.

Rest assured....I will post on here as soon as I can race back to the hotel with my camera card full of pics!!

Until then....
Stitch on, my friends.

~~Peggy Lee


Catherine said...

Oh! There's also a store in Reading! Stitch and Stuff - real easy to get to.

You've been busy since arriving here in PA!

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure how close it is to might be able to get to The Covered Bridge. If you do, tell Shelly that Sharon Crescent's model stitcher says "Hi!"

Berit said...

Ooh! Neat~ I'll look forward to seeing it. :D