Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please Meet Vera.......

........a friend I never would have known if not for starting this blog.  You who blog know the special bond we have...hearts drawn together with precious threads.  I am so glad to count her (and her husband) as my friends.

Here we are coming out of one of the many shops in Skippack, PA.  She and her husband were kind enough to show Masterchief and I around this charming little place.  I bought a few things I can't live without.  Just a few mementos of our visit.  

Here is a design created by Vera.....
How great is that???  I speak for many when I say "Make another one girl!"

This is all I will post tonight because of the spotty/slow internet.  I went over to the Wegman's today to post but the speed there was absolutely pitiful!  I will work on all the details (and MANY pictures) of my visit with Vera and a few other things tomorrow.  Hopefully I will find a window of good internet speed to make it a good post!  

I want to thank you ALL for being so patient with me while trying to post when I'm away from home.  There is nothing more aggravating than unreliable internet service! 
Please drop by tomorrow afternoon when I will hopefully have more news and pics to share.

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It never bothered me to drive long distances before but Masterchief has spoiled me by always acting as my chauffeur when we travel.  I'm not sure if he does it out of the kindness of his heart or if he's scared of my driving. I'm not asking.  I've developed back problems in the last few years and it makes for an uncomfortable drive.  I have to stop and stretch more often.
I left early Tuesday morning to go up toward where I'm originally from in north central PA to visit with my son and his wife.  I also visited with an old friend I haven't seen in YEARS!  She played piano or organ for me when I would sing in church.  Her husband was a retired minister at the time we went to church together.  He has since passed away after having a stroke.  They never had children.  I once heard him say, "If the good Lord wanted us to have children we would have them".  We spent four hours together and I sang a few songs for her.  It brought back alot of good memories.
Here we are in her apartment.  I set the camera up on her TV and set the timer.  She is an excellent accompanist.  I could slow down, speed up, hold a note or put the putty to it belt it out and she would follow whatever I did.  I haven't found anyone to play for me like she could.

After visiting with Lois I drove to the next town (about 5 minutes away) to my son's home.  His wife got home from work shortly after I arrived and we went out for Chinese food then went to the mall so I could buy them a few things for the coming baby.  Here is my daughter-in-law with her baby bump sticking out!  We were trying to see baby Liam move.....
She is almost 29 weeks along now.  I can't wait to see my little grandson!  I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!  I am SO excited!!!
Here's my son....giving me a look.....
He's such a good boy.  Even though he shoved my shoulder into the car door and I couldn't even use it to work the turn signal in the car on the way to the Chinese place!  He was clowning around with me and he forgets that I'm older and don't pack as much meat around my bones as I once did.....and he's such a big lug nut it only takes a little shove to send me flyin'.  I'm just picking on him about it though.....he felt so bad about it he almost cried.  Poor kid.  He's been working out with weights lately and his biceps are HUGE!  He gets that from my side of the family.  Now don't ask me to flex for you.....it's embarrassing.

I wouldn't want to embarrass my new stitchy friends.  : )

I stayed the night at my kid's place and left the next morning to visit with my grandmother.  She's in a nursing home and I'm sure she doesn't know who I am anymore.  I always enjoy visiting with her though because she is most always very happy, laughing and singing.  She very rarely makes any sense when she talks but yesterday I asked her what she was laughing about and she replied, "nothing".   She looked at the bright pink top I had on and said, "Easter".
I tried to hold the camera up here to take a picture of us both.  This one turned out better than the others.  She was looking at the camera good here.  She was more alert and talkative yesterday than other times I've visited her.  Maybe it's because I was there in the morning.  I'm sure the meds have alot to do with it.

Before driving back to Malvern I stopped at a cross stitch shop I found years ago when I lived in PA.

Lisa, the shop owner is so very nice and has always been patient with me when I come in there so undecided on what exactly it is that I want need.  Here she is behind her counter in her shop.  She doesn't like to have her picture taken so this one passed her approval.  I promised her that no one would zoom in on her so she had no reason to worry.  I don't know what she's so worried about anyway....she's gorgeous and oh so talented!  When I walked in she was framing a piece and I think I distracted her and she pushed down on the wrong side of a razor blade she was using to cut the backing and sliced right through her finger!  I felt so bad.

Here's a picture of what I call the sister to "Rhapsody In Blue" by Fouroaks Designs.  It's called Love Song.
I have this one all kitted up just waiting for me to start stitching it.  I need to get working on what I've planned to stitch for my grandson's arrival.  I'll never get it done before he is born because I'm just not that fast of a stitcher and the chart is at home in Kentucky.  I want to use the ABC Tapestry chart to spell out his name, LIAM and maybe put his birth date and weight along the bottom.

I stopped at the gym before coming back to the hotel yesterday.  I had time to make rice and swordfish, bleach out the garbage cans (you don't want to know), shaved my legs and cleaned up the room a little although Masterchief ALWAYS makes his bed in the morning...the room really looked pretty good.  And yes, I HAD to shave my legs....another thing you just don't want to know about.

Here's one last pic of me with Josh & Laymie's dogs.  If you knew me you would know this is a big stretch for me as I am really not a dog person.  It's not that I dislike them....I just don't like the hair, drool...etc.....

I will have to admit though these dogs are really sweet.  They are very well behaved and they DON'T DROOL!!  I thought all dogs drooled.  I was raised with a St. Bernard so "drool" and "ewwww yuck" were a couple of my first words.

My veggies are just about done and I'm starving!
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope your upcoming weekend is a good one.  I will be meeting with someone I met since blogging.  I'll keep it a surprise until early next week as we are meeting on Sunday afternoon!  I am so excited!

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday's Find...

I spent yesterday checking out a couple antique stores I've been passing by all week.  I found this old sewing basket at an antique store in Frazer.  I collect them......

Look at those scissors!  I wonder what the screw is for on them?
The strawberry cushions were sold as "ornaments" but they look just like pinkeeps to me!   They are filled with polyfil but I might try to open a seam and fill one with crushed walnut shells. 

Here is pic of the girls at the antique shop.  They were so very nice and we got along like we had known each other for years.....

I stopped at Kohl's (my favorite store) and bought an "outfit" for Masterchief.  It just kills him when I call his clothes "outfits".  I didn't take a pic of his britches but here is the shirt and tie.  I just love the tie, don't you?

I also picked up this book at Target.  I haven't read through it yet but from what I've seen so far it's a good book.

Masterchief has weekends off on this job so this morning we went to a little diner I noticed through the week in Frazer, just a couple miles away from our hotel.
I just had coffee 'cause I don't do meat or eggs but Masterchief enjoyed his breakfast very much.
Saw this bull celebrating Christmas a bit early on our travels today.   I've been carrying the camera with me all the time now and snapped this one from the car window while Masterchief drove.....

Looks like the internet held up for me today.  I better sign off before that bites me in the behind though!

The weather is beautiful today!  Enjoy yourself whatever your weather.
~~Peggy Lee

A Visit To The Strawberry Sampler....FINALLY!!!

Greetings from Malvern, Pennsylvania!

I visited The Strawberry Sampler yesterday Tuesday and as promised I have several pictures.  Click HERE for the link to Molly's blog at the Sampler.
Masterchief's check hit the bank and I hit the road, tires squealing, smoke rolling....whheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
I even had a charming fella holler out his window at me.  Something about where it was I learned how to drive.

I don't want to talk about it.

I didn't buy nearly as much as I thought I would.  I guess I was shocked at what it costs to have finished pieces professionally framed!  You see my neighbor usually makes my frames to any specification I want and he won't charge me anything!  I only need to stain them and buy the glass.  He's been so busy this summer though with relatives visiting and making goodies in his shop for his grandchildren that I dared not ask him. It's worth every penny though to have the girls at the shop frame them.  I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it.
Here are the frames I chose for these finishes.....

I can't wait to see them all framed up!

When I walked into the shop I was first greeted by a stench that I first thought was burnt popcorn.  I tried to ignore the burning sensation developing near the back of my throat.  It would have been the kind thing to do.
As I neared the room in the back of the store where small miracles happen, wanting to say hello to the "Strawberry Girls", my eyes began to water.  I wanted them to believe I was just SO HAPPY to see them but they quickly fessed up and I was off the hook.  Here is the offender.....
and the poor unsuspecting burnt offerings......
I think Molly missed the semester in home economics about microwave usage.  She put the already-baked cookies in the microwave for 15 minutes to heat them up.  "But they were frozen", she said.
They opened the door in the back for ventilation and offered the cookies as a sacrifice to the dumpster out back.  As I shopped I thought I heard mutterings about someone going dumpster diving but I dared not go back there again.  Even poor Frankie almost needed mouth to gill resuscitation.

Here are a few pictures Lisa was kind enough to take of me with Beth and Molly.  We chose the sampler section of the shop to be in and catch up.....

We also posed for a picture of us trying to look like Charlie's Angels but I looked like a COMPLETE DORK so I conveniently chose not to post that one on here! 

I'm not really sure what Lisa was thinking when she took this one...but....Beth, where are your shoes?

Here are a couple of my favorite parts of the shop......

There is Stella at the register, ringing up my order.  

Below is a picture of the three pairs of scissors I picked up there.  Two of them are smaller in size.  I like them. They will make a nice addition to the others at home in my frog!

Picked up a couple pieces of linen...a 40 ct. piece of LL Navy Bean, also 40 ct. white and a 35 ct. piece of overdyed.  I am going to use the white for a 'sampler-sort-of-something' to announce my grandson's arrival.  Do you remember my ABC Tapestry?  I am going to use the letter blocks to spell out his name, LIAM. Then under it I'll put his birth date and maybe his weight.  I haven't decided exactly how it will all go together but I know I want to use those letter blocks for his name.  It won't be finished until way after he's born but I will get it done!  I'm going to use the #930 for it.  It's a beautiful blue.

Speaking of my little love, here's the latest pic of him taken just yesterday.  His parents are told he now weighs 2lbs. 15oz.  She is about 29 weeks along now.  He is just precious already!!

They have come so far with these things today.  I remember looking at the screen when they did an ultrasound  on me for Josh 25 years ago and I couldn't identify anything!

Well that's it for today's post.  It has taken me almost all week to get this put together.  Masterchief and I think maybe it's not the internet service here but my laptop that's giving me fits.  
Thank you for visiting with me today and thank you so much for your comments.  
I did manage to find a few minutes to stitch on Thank You For Serving but nothing really picture worthy.  I will take a quick pic of it today or tomorrow and post it. 

~~Peggy Lee

added note.................

***Masterchief sure has put a hurtin' on the banana pudding but he says he'll be happy to share what's left with you!***  
~~I've coached him that we CANNOT offer banana pudding as part of the next giveaway~~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visited The Strawberry Sampler...but......

Greetings from Malvern, Pennsylvania!
I am so very frustrated right now I can hardly see straight!!!
I've been sitting here at the Walgreen's Cafe' trying to post about yesterday's visit to The Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills, PA but the internet keeps skipping out on me and I lose everything.  It saves just a little bit of what I've done but all the pictures are gone and after that happens nothing wants to work right.  I have to restart my laptop and start all over.  I've done that twice now and it just went out again!!  I've been sitting here for two solid hours now.


But just for today.
I will try again tomorrow.

Until then I think I will have another glass of wine and cry...............
Then I will go back to the hotel and make Masterchief some banana pudding.
Have I ever mentioned how much I truly dislike computers?????

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, August 16, 2010


.....it's making me wait!

Remember that old ketchup commercial?  That jingle is ringing in my head and will be until Masterchief's paycheck hits the bank back home in Kentucky!  He sends them home.  Yes that's right.....SNAIL MAIL!!  UGHHHHHH.

The AGONY...........Oh....the PAIN!!!!!

As soon as we see that balance go up in the old account online, I'm racing like a mad woman to The Strawberry Sampler.  OH....and I saw another shop while driving around today.  It's called Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, PA.  It's just down the road.

This is killing me but I'll pass the time by stitching on Thank You For Serving in memory of Masterchief's father.

Rest assured....I will post on here as soon as I can race back to the hotel with my camera card full of pics!!

Until then....
Stitch on, my friends.

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Found A Stitching Chair!

I covered it with towels because you just don't know about these things!!
I worked very little on Thank You For Serving last night.  We ran to Wegmans for a few things.  Wish we had one of those where I live.

Today we are going to the Philadelphia zoo.  Can you believe I am 42 years old and I've NEVER been to a zoo?!?

I will stay here with Masterchief until he finishes this job then we will go home together.  Just in time to pack up and come back to New Jersey for the nuclear outage for six weeks or so.

I would love to meet up with anyone from this area while I'm here!  Maybe we could meet at the Strawberry Sampler.  What do you think.....anyone interested?

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fish Tacos and Veggies!

Saw this sign on the way to the King of Prussia Mall today.  There's a place to eat there called Ruby's Diner that has the best burgers and veggies!
Masterchief usually gets the burger but today I talked him in to trying the fish taco and I had my usual steamed veggie platter.
He liked them!  He also ordered a chocolate shake that I just knew he needed help with.
His spoon fulls were too big and he got freezer brain....
Those fish tacos hit bottom fast and made him very sleepy......
We got all turned around in this big mall and couldn't find our way out again!
Just when I thought we better find a place to sit and rest my feet we finally found our way out to the parking garage.

I hope to get some stitching done when Masterchief starts work on Monday.
Have a GREAT weekend!
~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Numb Butt.....

Well...numb and it just PLAIN HURT!!  Yesterday I drove 12 hours to where Masterchief is in Pennsylvania.  I knew I'd probably join him at some point but I didn't think it was going to be this soon.  He got done with the first leg of the job on Tuesday.  He called me and it only took a moment for us both to decide that Wednesday was the day we would see each other again!  I scrambled like mad to get things done....stop the mail...tell the neighbors etc.....

When you're on the road for 12 hours you see alot of crazy drivers!  This guy was eating a burger with the foil wrapper around where he was holding it.  Every time he brought it up to his face for a bite the wrapper covered his view of the road.  With each bite he swerved all over the place!  I mean....REALLY?????  I have always had a weight problem so one of my golden rules is NEVER eat in the car!  Before you know it you've eaten a whole days worth of calories and you don't even realize it!  And besides...you could kill someone!

At times I got stuck in traffic and we were going at a crawl........
Yup that's right.....12 MPH!  This was all because someone had rear ended anther car and they were pulled off the road with the police taking care of it and people were gawking at it as they drove past.  As soon as we cleared it we were moving right along.
I sailed right through the welcome sign to West Virginia but I managed to get the camera up in time to snap the Maryland sign.......

and the Pennsylvania sign........

I showed Masterchief his "Thank You For Serving" and he was so touched that his eyes welled up!  I'm so very proud of him and he really appreciated the sampler.

I paid for a month at LA Fitness in Collegeville, PA.  Went this morning and I really like it.

Must put this hotel room together now.  Stuff is still sitting all over.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I just LOVE your comments!

P.S.  I am DANGEROUSLY  close to The Strawberry Sampler in Glenn Mills, PA!

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Sweet Surprise!

Imagine my surprise when I reached in my mail box today to find THIS.....

Well I took it out of it's outer envelope of course but I was so SWEETLY surprised!  
What a SWEET thing to do!
Do you get it yet???
It's from Stitchin' Sweet Sue!  I remember when I first started marking blogs on my reader...way before I started one of my own.  I got one of my most treasured recipes from her last summer.  (Love those pickles)

It's one of the pin keeps she made!  I can't tell you how happy I was to receive this!  OK...so I'm overdosing on the exclamation points but I think this rightly deserves them!!!

Just look at this little patch on the back with her name on it.  
I can't thank you enough Sweet Sue for sending me this lovely surprise.  I am absolutely speechless!
I am honored to count you among my treasured stitchy friends!  

I am going shopping Wednesday to Kohl's in Nicholasville, KY.  It's about 90 minutes away.  Any good shopping is a long haul from here.  I received one of their "PEEL HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU SAVE" coupons in the mail.  Usually it's the lowest amount offered but this time it was 30% off EVERYTHING...even clearance items.  I'm already making a list!  

I went in to town on my birthday (Saturday).  Didn't really do anything special but I did stop at the antique mall in town.  I can spend hours in there just walking around to look at everything.  I've found a few scissor frogs there. There are two floors packed with goodies and treasures.  I have been looking for a cake plate.  This one isn't really what I had pictured but I really like the simplicity of it and the lip around the edge.  As soon as I saw it I thought fruit would look great in it ('cause I really don't make alot of cakes)  : )

I picked up a couple tomatoes at a produce stand on the way back home.  We planted 6 tomato plants in our garden this year but didn't get even ONE tomato from them!  I think the deer and rabbits got their bellies full though.  Isn't that nice of us to feed the wildlife like that?!?  Yeah...real nice of us!  

We have decided NO GARDEN next year.  Things just haven't done well the last two years and it's too much work.  Masterchief likes to plant a garden but neither one of us likes to weed.  We have a few produce stands in the area that we would be happy to support...NO WEEDING REQUIRED!  

Still tossing around the idea of flying to PA while Masterchief is working there.  Part of me doesn't want to give in.  I want to be that tough, independent woman who can get along without a man for six weeks or so, but the other side of me misses him so much and is comforted by knowing he is just in the other room or out in his man-cave.      He wants to be that tough guy who can get along without his woman, but truth be known he kinda likes those little love notes I slip in his lunch box and the way I fold his skivvies after all!  We are hopelessly in love I suppose. We waited too long to find each other to be apart for any amount of time.  We will be married five years in December.   I will be sure to let you know if I decide I can't stand it anymore and sprout wings to Philly.  Wherever I end up...I will blog from there, of that you can be sure!

I need to go get my clothes off the line before the little birdies do their dirty deeds on my towels.  I have one out there now that was bombed before and needed rewashed.   It's hard for me to be mad at them though.  It's those beautiful little blue birds that are doing the "nasty".  

Take care of yourselves and thank you SO MUCH for spending a minute with me today.  Reading your comments is a treasured part of my day.

~~Peggy Lee

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Winner Is......

I was going to have Masterchief pick a number but I decided to write all the names on slips of paper and do it the old fashioned way.

The winner of the scissor frog (and a few other goodies) is...........

 **** Catherine from Pennsylvania****

I don't think Catherine has a blog.  Please email me with your pony express address and I'll get this off to you in the next few days!
Congratulations Catherine!  I hope you like your scissor frog.
Many thanks to all who took a chance on my first giveaway.  I found tons of new blogs through doing this.
I hope the remainder of your weekend is enjoyable.  I think I'm feeling like a good old fashioned Sunday afternoon nap!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Finish, One Start!

I have wanted SO BADLY to show progress on my latest WIP but couldn't because it's a surprise for Masterchief.  Well I can't stand it anymore!!!  I made him promise not to look at my blog until he comes home in September. I'm sure I can trust him. Shhh.....don't tell!

Yesterday I finished "Thank You For Serving" by Sunflower Seed.

I didn't know if I had to worry about his full name being on here so I covered it up with my needle case. Should I have to worry about that?
After pressing it and taking pictures, I started working on one in memory of Masterchief's father...who retired just one step under him as a Senior Chief.  I am very proud of them both.

I went for a bike ride the other day and found this adorable little donkey down the road.  I rarely see him because he's usually down in the lower field.

I gave him a piece of apple I had packed for the horses.  He enjoyed it!  He told me so!

Don't forget.... this is the last day you can enter to win a scissor frog (along with a few little goodies).  This is my very first giveaway and I'm very excited about it.  I have found many friends in blogland who share my passion for needle art.  Just comment on THIS blog post to be included!
Since a bottle of Masterchief's favorite BBQ sauce will be included in this giveaway...(upon his insistence)...I will call him in New Jersey and ask him to pick a number between 1 and...however many entries there are...and wahhh-lahhh - we will have our winner!
GOOD LUCK to each of you.
Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate the time you take to leave comments.  I read every one!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Masterchief's Contribution.....

Good morning friends!  It's going to be a HOT one today.  There is a heat advisory for almost all of Kentucky....or at least the southern part for the next few days.
Our neighbor has been kind enough to mow our yard while Masterchief is away working.  He won't take a penny for it but I try to make him a pie every now and then to show my appreciation.  I would mow it but it's quite a bit and it's so blasted HOT out lately!  I think today I will try to get the weed eater to feed.  The poor thing starves to death when Masterchief isn't around.

Here's a pic of the BBQ sauce Masterchief says I must include with the scissor frog as my first giveaway...
He found it while working in New Jersey and bought up a bunch of bottles to bring home.  He puts it on everything.  It's a bit spicy for my taste but then I don't care for things that are very spicy at all.

Remember to post a comment on YESTERDAY'S blog post to be entered.  Also...please mention that you want to be entered in the giveaway or I might think you're not interested.

Yesterday I cleaned both bathrooms...and when I say cleaned, I mean SPRING CLEANED!!  I also cleaned the bedroom the same way then made my way out into the hall (which I just painted last week) and hung pictures on "memory lane".  These are all old pictures of both sides of our family.
Masterchief's father was also in the U.S. Navy and had made it to E-8, that's a Chief. He passed on before we met so I never knew him.  I wish I could have met him.  Masterchief is E-9.  That's the highest enlisted rank a fella can go.  Oh gosh I'm so proud of him.

Here are a couple pictures of Masterchief and I when we were kids, he in his little jeep and me on the backyard swing.  So many memories here.
The big one in the middle is of a bouquet of white roses Maserchief got for me for our first wedding anniversary.  They were absolutely beautiful and I remember crying when I read the card.

Well I need to get outside and attack the weeds before it gets too awfully hot.  The sun must be shining directly on the outside thermometer because it's only 8:45am and it already says 94 degrees!  That can't be right..can it????  WHEW!!!

Until next time....keep cool!
~~Peggy Lee