Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Week Down....

Thank you SO MUCH for your understanding words of encouragement while Masterchief is away working.  I knew I'd find a sympathetic ear out there somewhere!  I really appreciate it. I miss him so much.

I've been trying to keep myself busy this week so I don't sit and feel sorry for myself.  I've painted the living room and hall and am now trying to put things back together.  I took a few pictures, well of wouldn't think any different coming from me, would you?  I love to take pictures.

Here's the living room all prepared to begin painting......

and here it is all done (with the painting part anyway)

If I am going to paint a room I like to start early in the morning and have it finished by the day's end.  I like to get that mess over with as soon as possible.  I painted the trim too.  I hung a few things back on the wall before calling it a day.
Here it is put back together..........

I moved the couch over to the wall instead of in front of the windows.  This is how we had it when we first moved in two years ago but I had changed it.  We both like it better this way.  My stitching spot will be at the end of the couch where you can barely see my little table packed full of stitchy things.  I am envious of those of you who have a whole room dedicated to our craft!
Here's a pic of my wall.  I think these look so much nicer on this new color.  Oh by the way, the color is called "Clay Ridge".

Somehow I found time to pick some corn from our garden for freezing.  Poor Masterchief left before he could enjoy any of our corn.  I picked a dozen or so ears at a time to cook and freeze so it wouldn't be an all day job.  Right now, if I ever see another ear of corn it will be too soon!  : )

I hope you all (that's the northerner's way of saying y'all) aren't getting sick of my walk pics.  Walking out here in the country will never get old for me.  I like to go early in the morning before it heats up....when the birds are singing and the cows are groggy.  Here's a few from my walk the other day.......
It was just a bit foggy when I first started out but it quickly cleared when the sun came out.
Isn't that just gorgeous?  I fully expected to hear angels singing when I first looked at this.  I love it when the beams of sunlight reach heavenward.
Sometimes the miniature horses get loose.  Actually...the babies just walk right under the wire.  I've talked to the owner and he said they don't go far so he's not worried about it.  He's never had to go looking for them.  They always return.  It's fortunate that they live so far out in the country where there isn't much traffic.
I think maybe this one thought he could hide behind the pine branch.

Went out for a bike ride last night.  I enjoyed them much more when Masterchief was here to go with me but let's not go there. (**NOTE** I finally washed that shirt of his from a week ago....not without a few tears but I DID IT.  I'm very proud of me.)
Back to the bike ride.  I came up on this one in the middle of the road..............
So I offered him a snack.................
He kept taking little bites.  I didn't realize how tiny his mouth is.  This one is a baby miniature so he's VERY small.
These two were being kind to one scratch mine and I'll scratch yours.............

When I started this blog my intention was to post an average of three times a week.  That hasn't happened and now I feel overwhelmed when I finally get around to posting.  I'm still learning how to do this and it takes me at least an hour (sometimes two).  I also haven't been posting as many stitchy pics as I'd like.  I hope you all (there I go again) enjoy reading my blog and if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate them!
Thanks for visiting with me today.  I hope you have a great weekend!

~~Peggy Lee
P.S.  I will post the giveaway info very soon so be on the lookout!

Monday, July 26, 2010


He's gone and left me!  Well, just for six weeks or so.  I miss him TERRIBLY already!  Masterchief hit the road around 4am on Saturday.  He arrived in northern New Jersey 14 hours later.  I'm at a total loss here at home.  I keep thinking I see him pass by the front of the house on his way in from the 'man-cave/garage'.  And...well....I wasn't going to admit this.......but I just know there's got to SOMEBODY out there who will understand this one.................I have a shirt he wore the day before he left that hasn't found the washing machine just yet.  I know....kinda teenager pathetic but I can't help it.  We are connected at the hip...and the HEART!

Here's a picture taken of us Friday when we went out on the lake with the neighbors.  They were kind enough to use our camera to take it for us.  Thanks Dale and Barb!!

I know Masterchief reads my blog.  I love you Honey!  It already feels like forever since you've gone.  Please be careful and hurry home to me.

OK....for those of you about to puke I'll get on with it............

I have been stitching like crazy since Masterchief left but I can't show any pictures of it because it's a surprise for him.  All I can say is it has something to do with his service to our country with the US Navy.  I will be sure to post pictures of it just as soon as he sees it when he returns in September.

SEPTEMBER?????????  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

sniff....sniff.....sniff......  *compose yourself girlfriend*

OK....I'm fine, really ...............

Here's a snap I took last night off the back deck.  It looks like a big storm but it really didn't do much.  Looks impressive though, huh?

I like to call this one "Skylight".

The hummingbirds have been going bonkers lately!  They fight with each other around the feeder.  The ruby-throats seem to guard it and not like any other little birdie to sneak a sip.  I actually held the feeder up in front of my face before hanging it back up after filling it and they fed from it while I held it there!!  I couldn't believe it!  Of all times for Masterchief to be gone...I had no one to take a picture of that so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

I wish I could show you what I'm working on.   I'm very excited about it.

Thanks to all of you who commented about my pin pillows!  You are too kind.  I have my eye on a different one shown HERE.  Isn't it so cute?

Thanks for taking a moment to visit with me today.  I appreciate every thought and comment.
Take care of yourself........
~~Peggy Lee

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank You...Dear Friends........

I am overwhelmed by the kind thoughts and prayers expressed by all of you!  I can't begin to thank you properly.   It has indeed been a very difficult week and now begins the healing.  My heart goes out to Jean's husband, who attended church services on the very night of his wife's funeral.  They were married eighteen years.

Our church is very small.  There were a total of nine ladies who made enough food for over 100 people.  God surely does provide!  We even had a little bit left over to send to the kids at the local church camp.

Took the camera and a couple apples with me on my morning walk earlier this week.  The miniature horses are getting to know me well enough to come to the fence for a treat.  They like their apples cut in to smaller pieces than the bigger boys!

As I rounded the corner this handsome boy was calling out to me....."Hey, a fella could starve to death over here, hurry up, would ya?"

I got several kisses for the treats!!

My guide now follows me all the way home...where he thoroughly enjoyed treeing the neighbors' stray cat they've been feeding.

I tried my crafting skills at making a few pin pillows.  I am NOT impressed with myself.  I have absolutely NO idea on how to make these things and really should have searched out a tutorial before making my lame attempt.  NO matter....they are mine and the little mistakes I see just make them look more primitive, right?
Here's the back view to show you the fabric I chose for the backing......

Roamed around the house tonight and snapped a couple pics of things I've stitched. Waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy back when I first picked up needle and thread...........
I bought this kit with the sampler stamped on it in blue.  I stitched it up and gave it to my grandmother because she absolutely gushed over it and thought (well she convinced 20-some year old me, anyway) it was the best sampler she'd ever laid eyes on!  She stitched "Peggy Lee" on it for me, framed it and proudly displayed it on her living room wall until she could no longer live independently and went in to a nursing home.  Her home was sold but before the auction sold everything that was near and dear to perfect strangers....I grabbed this sampler and now it hangs on my wall here in Kentucky.  Every time I walk past it I am reminded all over again of how proud she was of me.

Here is a design by La-D-Da called "Love Is Perfect".  I stitched it up just a few months before Masterchief and I were married in 2005.

Lastly is this lacey looking lovely by Sheepish Designs called "Circle of Angles".  I finished this one eight years ago.  I really don't care for my choice of frame but I think it was the only square one I had on hand at the time.  I might stitch this one up again in another color.  I really like it.

That's it for the stitchy pics.  Hope you enjoyed seeing a few from years ago.

I had an appointment yesterday for an echo cardiogram.  I was astounded at the technology they have now!  She explained everything we were seeing on the screen to me......
"Now this is a 3-D image of your heart....different colors show the direction of blood I'll spin this image of your heart around so we can see it at any angle.....and here are nine slices of your heart so we can see every detail!"    Can you imagine?!?   She showed me exactly where the "hole" is or whatever is wrong in there.  She called it a "drop out".  Well will probably just mean more tests in the future.  I wish Masterchief wasn't going away to work.  He will leave very early tomorrow morning and I won't see him again until September.  I'll miss him SO MUCH!!!!

Thank you all again for so many sweet words of sympathy and support.  You are all so very kind!!

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sad Day, Stormy Night......

A bit of a sad weekend here.  Last night a dear friend passed away from cancer.  She was diagnosed last year with it all through her body and only recently went for tests to find out it had reached her brain and she only had weeks to live.  It took her so fast!  After Sunday services  the church went to her home where her husband stayed by her side and we softly sang hymns around her bed.  She showed no signs of hearing us but  you just don't know.
It stormed so bad through the night last night that I couldn't sleep until about 5am.  Masterchief and I were both up.  He made me a cup of mint tea because my stomach was a little upset.  He's such a sweetie! 
Anyway...I'll be making a BIG MESS of food tomorrow for after the funeral on Wednesday.  I'm going to make a big pan of peach cobbler like this one I made today........
I'm also going to make a cherry cobbler, a huge tossed salad, home made dinner rolls, chuck wagon beans and cornbread.  Our church family is very small so we all are making alot of food to accommodate their friends and family.  I hope there will be enough to go around.

Got a couple snaps of the angry sky again tonight.  We are getting two nights of stormy weather in a row.  I don't think tonight will be as bad as last night though.

Yesterday we stopped at Haney's Appledale Farm to get donut peaches for that cobbler I made today and they had these beautiful roses made from wood shavings.  Aren't they gorgeous?
I wish they would have had more red ones but all of the colors are beautiful. was a stressful day yesterday and a sleepless night last night so I'll make this a short one and get on in to bed.
Oh hey....look for my first giveaway during the first week of August and help me celebrate my birthday!  More to come on that, but for now have a peaceful nights sleep!
Thank you BIG BUNCHES for taking the time to comment and visit me here.  I do appreciate it so much!

~~ Peggy Lee

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello friends....
It's FRIDAY!!  That probably means more to most of you than it does to me.  My work schedule is strange.  Masterchief and I work in the Nuclear Power Business.  He's been doing this for years but I just started last Fall.  He is a senior health physics technician and I'm a lowly decontamination tech.  My goal is to reach Jr. HP and I'll be satisfied with that.  We go to work when the nuclear power plants have their scheduled outages for maintenance.  Now you can't wait till something breaks to fix it in those kinds of places, can ya?  They replace parts on a regular schedule.  Of course they use this time to refuel too.  All I can say is everyone should thank God for boron and water on a daily basis!  We usually work about 6 weeks in the Spring and then again in the Fall.  Without getting all techy on you.....if it glows, I clean it up.  Masterchief's job is a lot more technical than that but it took him years to earn that senior title.  He was nuclear weapons in the Navy so this is right up his alley.

OK....on with tonight's post.......
I seem to have decent internet speed tonight so let's GOOOOOOOOOOO...........................

Wanted to show you the little things I've been working on for the last few days.  I picked up a couple freebies from Maria at The Stitcherhood.  I also stitched one of the adorable little pumpkins off the Autumn Row chart by Bent Creek.  I saw this done on someone's blog just a couple days ago and for the life of me I can't remember who's it was.  I left a comment saying what a cute idea it was....and that I'd have to try it too....please forgive me.  If it's YOU please bring it to my attention!  Ever since Faye at Carolina Stitcher sent me that to-die-for pin pillow I got the hankerin' to try my hand at something like it.  So........I have these three stitched up and now I don't know what to do with them!  I suppose I'll find some sort of fabric to use for the backs of them.  We don't have a Pet Smart or other pet store around here so I'll have to wait until we make the next trip to Lexington (about 2 hours away) to get crushed walnut shells to stuff them with.
Yes, that's Masterchief's toe in the upper left corner.  His socks have passed inspection today.

Look what arrived in the mail today!  I ordered this scissor frog from E-Bay the other day.  Now I'll admit I haven't seen many scissor frogs but I've never seen one like this.  This sucker is HEAVY!

 Look how thick it is!

 It's a big one!

Here it is with my scissors in it.  I don't think Masterchief understands that having more scissor frogs means I will be in need of more scissors.

Went out to the garden the other morning to pull a weed or two.  Found a nice cucumber that had been hiding under the leaves from Masterchief.  He came in the house the other day saying that he found three nice looking little cukes in the garden.  I got all excited because I've been waiting to get enough so I could make a batch of Stitchin Sweet Sue's refrigerator pickles. Then he told me he gave them to the neighbor lady!  UGHHHH!!!  Oh that we all should have neighbors like him, huh?  That's won't be long and I'll have more cukes than I can choke a  will know what to do with!

Just look at this mess, will ya!!  I need to come up with some kind of storage system that will look nice beside my chair in the living room where I stitch.  This table gets to be such a mess I can't find what's right in front of me.
I had the bunch of DMC floss that I won on Sharon's blog here because I used them to stitch the Summer freebie.  I cleaned this mess up yesterday but you wouldn't know it to look beside me right now.  SHEESH!!

I don't know that I've ever posted a pic of my ABC Tapestry from a distance.  This shows the stand I use.  I think it's actually a quilters stand but I needed something big enough for this piece.
I can slide it right close to me over my chair.  The only downside about it is that it's hard to look at that back when I need to.  I have to push it far away from me then tilt it toward me, resting the bottom bar on my legs.  It can be a bit difficult but I just don't know how else I'd be able to control such a big project!

Here is a picture of a stool that I love.  I remember seeing it at my Grandmother's house as a child.  I think it was her sister's at first.  I'm not really sure on the history of it I just know that it's beautiful and it holds memories of spending time at Gram's house.

Masterchief and I have been taking bike rides down to see the miniature horses and a couple "regular" sized ones too!  We take a couple apples to feed any who want a snack.
If any of you remember when I posted about the newest miniature horse that had problems with his back legs....he's up and running now!  He must have just landed hard on his birth day and it took him a while to get up to speed with his little buddies.

That's it for today friends.  I took a nap today so I had half a brain to post something tonight when I have good internet speed.  Hopefully they will be done with their "upgrades" soon.
Here's hoping you all have a carefree, cool, noodle-floatin' weekend!

Thank you all for your visits and comments.  I appreciate them all.

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Singin' The Internet Blues....

"How long did you say my internet was going to be on the fritz?"

Seems we only have decent internet speed very early in the morning or late at night.  I'm not worth a lick at either time so my blogging has been scarce this week!  Masterchief was on the phone with Windstream once again today.  They don't have many answers.  All they can say is "upgrade".  If it's stays bad for a while I'll tote the laptop in to town again and post from there.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll find a window of decent speed to be able to cruise through my favorite bloggies and put up a half decent post!  Right now I can read the text of your blogs but there are no pictures....and I'm not able to comment.


Went out on the lake with friends/neighbors today.  Why is it that sitting in a boat and floating on a noodle in the lake can make one so VERY tired?  It's not like I had to hand paddle us all the way home!
Goodnight my friends.  I miss you all and hope to connect back up with you soon!

Pleasant dreams
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yucky Socks & My First RAK!!!

I'm so excited to tell you about the RAK I found in my mailbox today!  I know I have said this before...but the kindness of fellow stitchers I have found in the blogosphere continues to amaze me.  Faye from Carolina Stitcher sent me this beautiful pin pillow and three of her home made pins!  Poor thing had pity on me after seeing the picture of my pencil eraser needle minder.  Faye, I can't thank you enough for the time and thought you have put in to this.  You are so special!

I haven't worked on ABC since the last post.  We were invited to a friend's house for a cookout on Saturday night.  They live near where we were when we first moved to Kentucky.  It's 1 1/2 hours away so we spent the night there and left early for church on Sunday morning.  They have a beautiful home and we had a fun time.

Please remember Becky & her family from Becky Bee's Stitching Hive in your prayers.  She is going through a very stressful time right now.

Our internet seems to be running at normal speed today.  Masterchief called them Friday afternoon to see if it was something on our end or theirs.  They were working on the line.  Some sort of upgrade I guess.  Upgrades are GOOD!!

Chased Masterchief out of the house when he came in with his socks looking like this.............
It's no wonder I have to ride my broom around this kitchen at least twice a day!

That's it friends.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Hopefully there will be more stitching progress to show you soon.  I picked up a freebie this morning but didn't get very far on it.  Nothing picture-worthy anyway.
Thank you or your comments.  I enjoy reading every one!

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, July 9, 2010

Speed Posting....

Hello again!

Masterchief tells me we have a small window of so-so internet speed so if I want to put something up here I better scram!

Lookie here what I found in my mailbox when we arrived home from Baxter's!!! It's a giveaway I won from Daffycat's blog. I was so excited I almost forgot to grab my camera and take pictures. Good sense took ahold of me though so here ya go.......
Isn't this ladybug tissue paper just the most adorable stuff you've ever seen? I LOVE Ladybugs!! I am going to give it a very light ironing and put it in a special place to pass on to a deserving friend someday.

Just LOOK at what was inside! I am going to use this floss tag to put the NPI silk on for my ABC Tapestry. This is the VERY FIRST floss tag I'll own! And can you believe the assortment of DMC floss? Sharon I love EVERY color you chose to send along with the tag! I can't thank you enough for offering this giveaway. It means so much to me to have found friends who have an interest in stitching as I do. Sincerely...I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now I'd like to tell you all about a couple other giveaway's going on out there......

Missy over at Eat Stitch Love is having a Christmas in July giveaway! She's giving away these beautiful scissors! I have my eye on a spot in my new scissor frog right now for them. Good luck to all!

Deb at Thread Gatherer has reached over 300 posts! I should be so lucky one day!! The party girl in her has offered a most gorgeous scissor frog. Get yerself on over there and enter today! You get entered one chance each for posting a comment, becoming a follower and for posting about it on your blog...with a link. Well that's like walking up to a pay toilet and finding the door unlocked. Easy as pie folks.

The last giveaway today is from Patti at Tapestry of Dreams. She has reached over 200 followers and she's offering a "secret giveaway". Those are the best kind, don't you think? This is not a picture of what she's giving away but just a reminder to enter her giveaway tout suite! I'm not French....cut me a little slack, huh?

Hurry now....Patti's giveaway ends July 14th. All you have to do is leave a comment letting her know what your dream prize would be!

Thanks so much for your visit today. I better hit the PUBLISH button quick before I lose all this.
Take care of yourself..............
~~Peggy Lee

ABC Progress & Coffee

Hello Dear Friends!
I've been aching to post my ABC progress on here but due to technical difficulties at home our internet service is less than desirable! I'm sitting here at Baxter's Coffee taking full advantage of their free wi-fi. After uploading all five pictures for today's post I realized I have uploaded them up the reverse order than I'm working with it. No time to start over! Just stand on your head and begin here.....................

First up are two pics of my ABC progress. I wanted you to see the scale of the piece, so I put my paw next to the D block. I got the dragonfly done, a few "d's" and started the dog.

This one is of the entire far...

So here I Baxter's Coffee trying to connect up to their internet service.

Here is my very handsome technical advisor. I quickly become frustrated with ANYTHING computer related and turn to Masterchief to "fix it"..........
....which he did. No problem. Wish I could do that!

It was HOT HOT HOT here yesterday. Don't let our porch snake scare you. He's fake. Keeps unwanted guests and birds away.

Well that's it for today. I wanted to be a little more creative with today's post but short and sweet is good sometimes. Hopefully the connection at home will improve soon and I'll be back to easy-chair blogging again! My commenting on my new friends blogs has been limited as well.....but please know I cruise the ones that load up before I fall asleep waiting for the page to load! I've tried to comment on a couple but it JUST WON'T LET ME!!
I'm ashamed to say I've almost used a couple of those Navy words that Masterchief taught me!

Such frustration!!!!

Since I can't comment and home and I don't have the time to browse here at the coffee house, I want to quickly say here...
Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your little Ren. It's so hard to lose a pet (member of the family).

Until later...and a faster internet service.....thank you for taking the time today to visit. I appreciate EVERY comment you leave!
Have a wonderful weekend if I don't see you!
~~Peggy Lee