Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday to you all. I wasn't going to post today but it's a quiet afternoon here (as most of them four-wheelers) so I thought I'd give a picture-heavy post a whirl.

I've gone digging into some pics from the past to try and bring you up to date. I feel I have so much time to make up for! Here's one that shows a few finishes ready for framing. I have a wonderful neighbor who makes frames for me and doesn't charge me a penny. If I continue to ask him to make them I may have to offer him a couple though. I usually try to deliver some baked goods as a kind gesture. All of these are framed now except for Winter Row at the bottom. Don't know exactly why that one didn't make the cut.

Up next is one of me standing next to our Christmas tree of 2009. I started ABC Tapestry in early January if my memory serves me correctly. I am not a big fan of ME in this one but I wanted to show how big this piece will be when finished.

Here is one I just took today of the pattern book in front of my progress so far. I know it might be hard to see any detail in each block but this will give you an idea again of how big it will be. There are 28 blocks for each letter of the alphabet and one at the beginning an end. Can you imagine how much this is going to cost to have framed??? My girls at the Strawberry Sampler in Glen Mills, PA will get this one!

Fourth in today's lineup is one I did shortly after we moved from Pennsylvania to Kentucky. Master Chief was called out to a job and I had never lived in the country before. I was ok with the neighbors living so far away but what I didn't jump for joy about was all the critters I'd have to deal with. Spiders, snakes, groundhogs, opossums, raccoons, birds (which are fine until they fly down your chimney and get stuck, die then ...... I'll stop there with a BIG YUCK) where was I? Oh yes...after unpacking and getting my new country cottage in order I sat down with this sampler from The Cross-Eyed Cricket called A Walk In The Woods. It didn't take me long to finish.

These last two snaps are of a small freebie design so generously offered by BBD called Petites Lettres Rouges. It holds a special place in my heart because I have stitched my grandmother's name and birth date in it. She has always been very special to me and is the one who introduced any type of stitching to me. She will be 86 years young in October and has no clue who I am. It is so very heart breaking to look in to her eyes and know she isn't seeing me. When I go back to PA and visit with her I always hope that somehow something I say will spark a memory and she will come back to me but I know in my heart that most likely won't happen. I know she would like this small token of love I have stitched in her honor.

Here it is framed. I can't thank Barb and Alma at Blackbird Designs enough for offering this freebie on their blog. I hope they realize how this single pattern has touched the lives of so many. I hope it's alright to post the link to this freebie. Click HERE to download.

That's all for today friends! Let's take a stroll down memory lane again soon. Thank you again for your comments, tips and tricks. My heart does that little flippy-flop thing every time I see I have a new comment or a new follower!! Thanks SO MUCH!

Till later....

~~Peggy Lee


Jennifer said...

Girl! I'm in awe of this post! You stitch beautifully and oh my goodness what a big, huge sampler you have going......That is awesome!
How nice to live by a framer!!!!! ;)
Honestly all your samplers are just beautiful!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

What a beeeautiful post Peggylee, lovey sentiments, finishes and blogging:)

Ma Teakettle said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Your blog is awesome and your stitching is gorgeous :) Your samplers are an inspiration :) I am so glad that you decided to start a blog and I look forward to reading it as I am now a follower.

(Ma Teakettle)

Ma Teakettle said...

I just posted about your blog, on my blog, I hope that's ok :)

Hugs and welcome, again!

staci said...

Hello and welcome to blogging! Your stitching is all gorgeous...and what a masterpiece ABC Tapestry will be when complete!!!

I've added you to my google reader, hugs!

Catherine said...

So glad I found you! Your stitching is lovely - ABC Tapestry is goind to be so impressive!

Do you get back often to PA? The Strawberry Sampler is my LNS!

Faye said...

Peggy Lee, I, like the others, would like to welcome you to the world of blogging!! I absolutely love your blogc and am in awesome of your stitches!!!! The ABC Tapestry is going to be a true work of art and I cannot wait to be following your progress...Again, welcome to the fantastic world of blogging..You are going to make some great new friends! Faye

K-G Knitter said...

I'm so happy that I've come across your blog! Your stitching is AMAZING! I love the colors you chose for the BD design, and how you had it framed, it's really lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing how your ABC tapestry turns out, I'm sure it'll be a stunner!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Welcome, you certainly have a wonderful choice of projects. ABC Tapestry is a beauty and I am sure we are all looking forward to the progress.
Be always in stitches.

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Love your finishes. They are beautiful. I am hoping to stitch "Winter Row". I have never seen the white on blue row and the beautifully colorful center piece, what patterns are those?

I am excited to follow your progress on ABC Tapestry, it looks like a labor of love.

It is so wonderful when a stitched piece becomes such a special keepsake.

Welcome to the blogosphere, count me among your friendly followers.


Deb said...

Small world - I just took my BBD freebie in to be framed a couple days ago. I love the projects that you've stitched, especially the one with the angel at the top. I've never seen it before. All your others are beautiful as well.

Will look so forward to seeing your progress on your ABC tapestry. My girlfriend and I were going to do it, but chickened out. The framing will probably be pricey, but wait for a Joanne's sale and it shouldn't be too bad.

Robin said...

Welcome to blog land. Love the stitches! I will so enjoy reading your blog. Good luck!

Deborah said...

Im new to blogging as well. I did A Walk in the Woods many years ago and hgave it as a gift. A truly sampler. ABC Tapestry is huge and will be sprctacular. You mentioned the Strawberry Sampler in PA. I lived on the DE/Pa border and they were my LNS as well. I have since moved back home to MA, but still have them send stash to me. I hope you will visit my blog.

natalyK said...

Love your blog. I also just started to blog and would love for you to check it out

Myra said...

Hi! It looks like you are off to a wonderful start. I am just sitting here saying "WOW" your stitching is just beautiful. I added you to my reader so I can keep up with your wonderful work.