Saturday, June 26, 2010

ABC Tapestry's what I don't get: How do I post a picture in the middle or end of an entry? I typed up a bunch of stuff then wanted to put the above picture in and it wants to post it at the top.
Be prepared for some silly questions!
This is what I'm working on now although I have most of the C block finished at this point. I picked up this chart at a little shop in Delaware. It will take me a long time to finish though as I am a slow stitcher.
We are going to the monthly Somernites Cruise-In today. They shut down the town on the fourth Saturday of each month, April through October for a HUGE car show. We usually try to go if we are home. In the evening everyone sets up their lawn chairs along Hwy. 27 and all the cars cruise on by.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Peggy Lee


Sharlotte said...

Ok, I always post the pictures first and then go back and type in between. If you should happen to do that again, just click at the upper left hand corner of the picture and hit enter a few times to give you space to move your picture. Then click on the picture, continue to hold, and drag it where you want it to be. That is if you are wanting them to all be centered. When you go to upload the picture it will give you the option of center, left, or right. Check which you want to do. Decide what order you want the pictures to be in on your post and then upload them in the reverse order. So if you have picture #1,#2, and #3, you will have to upload them 3,2,and 1. The reason being is the first one that gets uploaded will remain at the bottom and the last one will remain at the top. Hope that makes sense.I'm not super computer savvy , but I'll help as much as I can.

The design you are working on now is very interesting. Can hardly wait to see it take shape!

Jennifer said...

You are such a beautiful stitcher! Love your header! Sharlotte gave you excellent advice.

Lee said...

Welcome to blogging! I love the projects you've posted so far. I have Rhapsody in Blue kitted up and in my stash! Such a gorgeous sampler.

Tanya said...

Lovely blog and beautiful stitching!

Welcome to blogworld- now you're hooked :)

Natasha said...

SHarlotte gave you good advice, I for one have been having a tough time getting my pictures lined up in the middle. I think Blogger has changed their format becasue it use to let me check a box of where I wanted my photo placed, no it just skips that part.

ABC Tapestry looks fantastic! I will look forward to reading your blog now that you are part of the XS blogging comminty. There are so many wonderful stitching blogs out there that one could soend hours surfing, which reminds me I have some stitching to do LOL See what I mean.

Take Care and Welcome!