Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ABC Progress & New Life

Happy hump day dear friends! The weather here in southcentral Kentucky has been beeeautiful. Not nearly as hot and humid as last week, although I do not mind the heat.

I think it's time to make myself a pinkeep...what do you think? The pencil works out nicely though so it's not all that bad.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the new arrival to the NEIGHborhood. This find stallion was born just last night. Momma is sure curious as to what I was doing here. These miniature horses belong to a very nice couple down the road a piece. He also runs a chicken house. Farmers are very busy folk...I have alot of respect for them.

Masterchief and I went to visit friends from church last night. She has the most beautiful flower garden I've ever seen. I don't know how she maintains it all. I could never make it look as stunning as she does. She showed us these yellow flowers called "Moon Flowers". I've never heard of them before. She said they only open up at night. They literally take less than five seconds to go from what is pictured above........ this.

It was awesome to watch. We took several pictures and movies of them opening right before our eyes. Have any of you ever seen these?

Here's my latest progress on ABC Tapestry. I finished block C and started the border on block D this morning. It's slow going but is coming along nicely. I am a morning stitcher. I've read so many blogs where you stay up late at night to stitch. I can't tell you my name at night. As the day fades so does my brain! Masterchief is completely the opposite....he gets smarter as they day grows long. We fit together just fine!

That's it for today folks. I thank you all so very much for the FANTASTIC RESPONSE to my lowly new blog. I appreciate each and every comment...reading them over and over.

Have a super day!!

Oh...I almost forgot.....Masterchief's gears are already turning on what I should offer for my first giveaway since the response to my blog has been out of this world! I think it should be something stitchy, of course...what else? He thinks it should be a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce.

Any thoughts?


Natasha said...

I just love those mini horses. So dang cute! I woudl love to have a garden full of just random flowers especially lavender.

ABC is coming along nicely. I am so glad I found your blog, I am now a follower. A bottle of BBQ sauce is a neat idea.
Take Care!!

natalyK said...

I love your ABC Tapestry. What a wonderful work of art.

Deb said...

Those horses are so cute! I would love to live somewhere that was like that!

Your ABC is really coming along. I'm really going to enjoy watching your progress on this. And hey, BBQ sauce works for me! LOL

Love your flower frog too! I collect those and haven't seen one like that.

Diane said...

I popped over here from Edgar's post.

You have a lovely blog. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. I love the La-D-Da one of A Bushel and a Peck. I remember my mom singing that verse to my "baby" brother (he's 32 now - how did that happen??? YIKES!).

I'll be adding you to my Google reader. :)

Jules said...

Your ABC is coming along beautifully! I also love your pinkeep, lol! Whatever works, right?!

Masterchief sounds like he's got a good idea for your first giveaway! But yours is also great. How about a combo...BTW, Masterchief as in Navy?? I rarely "hear" that term in any other setting.

Love the flowers! That must have been something to see as they opened.

Sharon said...

What pretty pictures. I love the look on the Mama's face - you can read her mind!! :)
Your tapestry is STUNNING, beautiful, STUNNNG, incredible, did I mention that it's stunning???

Lisa V said...

Lovely photo of the new baby, my son thought it was too cute!

Myra said...

Abc is looking great! I have never seen those flowers, pretty neat.

Faye said...

Hey from the Carolinas!!! LOVE that ABC Tapestery and your new baby!!!! Can you email me/?? I just have a quick question and did not see your email listed...ty, Faye ( lower case "L" not the number one.... ty)

Vonna said...

It has been heaven in Indiana this week too! But I think we're supposed to get hot and humid again this weekend :(

Kendra said...

Stumbled across your blog and glad I did! I'm a fellow Kentuckian stitcher -- I live up near Owensboro in Daviess County. I absolutely love your ABC Tapestry...can't wait to watch it all come together!

Deborah said...

ABC is coming along beautifully. Loved the pictures of the horses. When I lived in GA I had moon flowers but I haven't seen them up North. They are wonderful.

Matthew said...

Hi! I've been enjoying your progress on ABC. I've picked up nd put down this chart several times at my LNS. I'm hopelessly addicted to really BIG projects! Thanks for sharing. Great photos too! Nancy in NY

Karen said...

Awesome pictures! The babies are so cute! The moonflowers are very pretty. It would be amazing to see them opening right before your eyes like that. I look forward to seeing your pinkeep! :)

Parsley said...

Oh fun, meeting another stitcher! Awesome photo of the baby horse. I could just hug it!

Thanks so much for joining up in the recipe exchange. I can't wait to spread the word. This will be FUN!

Meadows08 said...

Your ABC Tapestry is incredible. Do you get bored without colour changes?

staci said...

Look at those cute babies, awww!

Your sampler is stunning in that black and white scheme! Love it!

Solstitches said...

This is just stunning!
Your stitching is beautiful.